Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home

    Welcome to Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home

Since 1880, families have trusted Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home to serve and care for their loved ones.

We promise to provide excellence in service and compassion during this difficult time of loss. Our experienced and dedicated staff can guide you in determining which service is appropriate for suiting your family’s needs. We are committed to arranging a funeral that is most befitting to your loved one, and we strive to celebrate their life in a meaningful way.

We offer a complete range of quality services from funerals to cremation, and are experienced at honoring many faiths and customs. We invite you to contact us with your questions, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and we are glad to arrange a tour of our facilities. Our staff takes pride in providing high quality and affordable funeral services that meet the special needs of your family. 

It is our goal to support you through every step of your arrangements and to pay tribute to the special memory of your loved one.


Daniel J. Schaefer Funeral Home
4123 Fourth Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11232
p: (718) 435-3381
f: (718) 435-6036
e: danieljschaefer@yahoo.com

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